Charitable foundation “Life” started its work in December 2000. In 1996 all residents of Yamana island in Astrakhan region left their houses in connection with the forecasted flood that should have inundated the whole island. However it never happened and inspite of all the fears and predictions after a long break on the 20 march 2001 on that spot the social rehabilitation center started its work.

We managed to purchase and recondition several houses,

build a bath-laundry complex and various barns.

To make boats approach more convenient we made a dock, and we flagged the road from it down to the center with concrete.

Through faith in God and labour people who seem to have lost any hope for life regain it in the true meaning of the word. This place is very precious for the guys in the sense that here is the reference point of their new life with no drugs, pain, depression and suicidal impulses ever more.

The main purpose and tasks of the foundation are:

  • drug addicted, toxic substance and alcohol addicted and jail released people rehabilitation
  • Promotion of preventive health care and health protection activities and healthy life-style education
  • Working with socially ill-being strata of society by means of conducting actions

Charitable foundation “Life” is a nonprofit institution pursuing social, charitible, cultural, educational and other socially useful objects

Charitable foundation “Life”
Natinal nonprofit institution registration certificate ¹ 1023000827300,
Issued on 12.10.07 by the RF department of justice at AD ¹ 1024