Rehabilitation program

Mostly the center does not work within a definite porgram. We try to understand every person and to help individually in accordance with the character, the past, the social status and so on. However some fixed program would lose such an approach and reduce everyone to the same level. The principal of the rehabilitation is nonmedicamentous, based on getting the dependent involved in labour and inculcating in moral values.

The labour in the center takes place in its territory, it is connected with different kinds of work. Men: animal husbandry, farming and so on. Through involvement in labour the image of real men, as householders and fathers is moulded in the guys.

Women: house cleaning, cooking food, laundering, farming etc. Labour teaches women to be caring mothers and wives in the future. You know, some of them in the age of 20 cannot even peel a potato.

A person who cannot learn to take responsibility, to constantly overcome the feeling of laziness, to step over own ego will never become full-grown and able to reject drugs in hard times of his life.