Results or “The lucky ones”

This link is called so because really few have gotten lucky to get out of the problem. Only 2 out of 10 people suffering from drug addiction for 5-7 years stay alive. In 7 years of operation the center has fully freed of drugs and returned to a full-fledged way of life more than 70 people, who have completed the full 9 month course of rehabilitation. This is all registered in medical papers of the narcological dispensaries. For the guys in their turn and to their relatives and doctors that used to treat them, for the neighbours and all the surrounding people that used to know them as drug addicts this deliverance has trully become a miracle. Some of them have also decided to help drug addicts but in other cities of Russia already and today are full-grown ministers in similar rehabilitation centers. Some of them stayed to work in “Life”. Some have built families. Some have built businesses.

If to tell about each, we wouldn’t have enough space on the server.

Here are some of them:

Here is what one of them says: “I’m 40. Thank God I once got into this center. I should have been lying in the cemetary long time ago, but here I am – alive. My wife went through the rehabilitation in the center “Life” too. Today we have our family restored, we love our daughter, we have everything new”

“I tried drugs when I was 14. And at once I realized it was the thrill I’d always been seeking. In 5 years I had “shot” everything and everyone. I had only two desires that contradicted each other: to quit drugs once for all and to get another shot.

I had always been sure that there were no ex-dopers, but on finding myself in the center “Life” I got convinced in the opposite. For the past 5.5 years I have not regretted even once that I once asked God for help and chose the road which I’m going to follow to the end of the days“

I’m 34. I had drug dependance for 10 years. In 2002 I completed the full 9 month rehabilitation course and stayed to minister in the center.

I was in drug addiction for 5 years. I tried all techniques in Astrakhan. Nothing helped. I went to Moscow for treatment – no use. 6 years ago I got rehabilitated in the center “Life” and now I’m all fine.

My life was like hell. 9 years of drug addiction. God gave me a new life. I got married. Now I have a lovely wife. Then 2 daughters were born. And now for 6 years I have been the head of the Volgograd rehabilitation center “Choreb”. I could never even dream of this!

I am 30. 6 out of them I spent in drug addiction and the last 4 in alcohol addiction. My life was on the road to ruin. Everything was collapsing, my relationships with my relatives, with the police. I received all kinds of treatment: hospitals, suggestive therapy, fortune tellers - all in vain. When I learned about the center I decided to go at once. After the rehabilitation I began to see the life with different eyes. My life changed completely. I began to enjoy life without any dope. I am grateful to God and to the workers for everything that they have done for me. Now I am married. My wife works in the center. We are happy.

I am 34. In the past I was drug addicted for 5 years. To quit shooting I’d leave for other cities, but every time I came back, everything would start from the beginning. During the 9 months of staying in the center I learnt more than I had learnt in my whole life.

I’d been shooting or 6 years and gotten 9 previous convictions. In the center “Life” I got new life and I want to keep it.

Here is another testimony: “I received treatment everywhere I could and many times at that, but nothing could help me. I had lost any hope and wanted to shoot myself an overdose to make this hell end at last. But miraculously I learned about “Life”, completed the full rehabilitation course and now I am the happiest person on Earth ”

Many guys having gotten working skills in the center organized their own redecoration crews